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Back in the day, my father never took off his hat. He was young, bald and Knob Polish hadn't been invented yet!

My Aunt Rose, a hairdresser, was hell bent on making sure he knew that in her opinion, wearing a hat all the time was, "MAKING him bald!". (Emphasis added to somehow capture the scolding power of Aunt Rose's reprimands!)

But certain things that weren't up for debate to Dad's way of thinking:

All dressed up!

1) Loons ate too many god-damn fish.

2) He wasn't going to "ride no airplane"; ever!

3) Come hell or high water, there was no way he'd ever live south of the Jackson town line!

4) And he would have a hat, on his head, as much as humanly friggin possible to cover his bald dome!

They say timing is everything! Dad saw the Red Sox win one, and the Patriots win a few, but he missed the opportunity to portray his baldness in all it's majestic splendor!


Enter the Whisker Oil Co.! At the perfect time! We didn't create the Bald Is Beautiful trend, but man are we happy to ride that wave! Historically, being bald carried a negative connotation. It was a symbol of sickness, or a life in captivity, either slavery or prison.

With all due respect to Popeye and Mr. Clean, can you name a bald guy from the last millenium that was considered sexy?

Popeye saying no!

No! No! No!

Now here we stand at the dawn of the Whisker Oil Revolution, and bald is bold! Bald is sexy!

Ask the same question now. "Can you name a bald guy from the last 5 years who was considered sexy"? I bet you can. No! I know you can!

Hell, young men lose a little on top and they can't wait to shave it off, and who can blame them. I'm waiting anxiously for my own son to accept his own upcoming fate as a bald man and succumb to shaving his head! Now, my friends, is a proud father/son moment, your boy, applying the Knob Polish for the first time!

The Rock was on the cover of People magazine sexiest man alive edition, women adore bald men, and books have been written about the topic, trying to understand how this trend emerged! Ask Steve:

But as with many great movements, there can be a dark underside tagging along. Shaving your knob can be a pain, and a bald head is just ripe for sun damage. But as someone who creates skin care products, the thing I hear most often, is the way shaving your head leaves your knob dried out, especially when applying aftershave with alcohol in it.

Take January in NH, one bald knob, an alcohol based aftershave and you have a recipe for pain! That is, until the "Ol Whisker Oil Co." came up a recipe for that pain! The Bald Knob - Aftershave for the Follicly Challenged. Named after one of the most beautiful hikes in NH's Lake's Region, The Bald Knob. This breathtaking summit

serves as the inspiration for our famous Knob Polish!

Knob Polish? Smirk...Knob ...Polish?

Yeah I said it!

Knob Polish!

Have you had your Knob Polished lately? If you shave your head, and you haven't, you should have your knob examined.

This all-natural aftershave is changing the way bald men think about shaving. Loaded with the best all-natural healing oils and moisturizers available anywhere, our Knob Polish with its Shea Butter, Beeswax and Coconut Oil leave your Knob feeling amazing (OK, OK, I have to admit, I'm blushing a little writing this). Top it off with Red Raspberry Seed Oil and this versatile aftershave will have you as ready for anything from a bike ride to a business presentation.

No chemicals or alcohol, just all-natural goodness that is leaving a trail of men saying it is the best product they've ever rubbed on their knob.

The Bald Knob, quite simply the greatest product ever created for

bald men!

Have you polished your knob lately? If not, visit our website and order yours, or hunt us down at Laconia Bike Week and join the legion of men who will wear this shirt.